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With Autumn’s Return

It’s hard to place a book below my two highest ratings, but sometimes it just has to be done. For the most part I’m a pretty big Amanda Cabot fan. Unfortunately, this novel couldn’t keep me interested. Bummer. Book Rating: Here a little, there a little (see my rating system) When it comes to series…

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Dare to Love Again

Before this book I never cared much for San Francisco. Not any more! Before this book the name “Nick” was synonymous with a fat-middle-aged-hairy-Greek-dude. Not any more! Before this book I thought Julie Lessman was one of the best writers out there– And this book proved SHE ABSOLUTELY IS!!!! Book Rating: Up All Night’er (see…

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Julie Lessman Interview

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!  I am SO excited I can hardly keep my head on straight!! As you know, I’m a HUGE fan of master-writer Julie Lessman and today I am honored to have her join me for an interview about her new and FABULOUS novel DARE TO LOVE AGAIN. (A side note here .…

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January’s Author of the Month

Welcome to 2014!!! I’m so excited about this year! There’s a lot of fun things planned (big changes for me…which I will be announcing soon…) and TONS of FABULOUS books set to be released, so hold on to your feathered-hats, ladies, it’s gonna be a BLAST! This month I’m thrilled to feature a great friend…

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A Match Made in Texas

To novella, or not to novella, that is the question. Hopefully, I have the answer. Book Rating: Up All Night’er(see my rating system) OK. I’ve read several novellas now and I’m developing quite a strong opinion about them. *oh dear* But before I divulge that, let me talk about this particular collection as a whole.…

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